Onze systemen ondersteunen de volgende codecs:

– G711 PCM alaw (preferred)
– G711 PCM ulaw
– G726
– G722
– G729

ts not necessary to calculate your codec bandwith usage anymore.
Its possible to find it in complete datasheets on the web.

We VoIPmobiel are narrowing it down to 4 or 5 common used codecs.

  • g711 alaw & g711 ulaw

64 kb oneway: Delivers precise speech transmission. Very low processor requirements. Needs at least 128 kbps for two-way.

  • g726

16/24/32/40 kb oneway: An improved version of G.721 and G.723 (different from G.723.1)

  • g729

8 kb oneway: Excellent bandwidth utilization. Error tolerant. License required.

  • g722

48/56/64 kb oneway: Adapts to varying compressions and bandwidth is conserved with network congestion.

  • GSM

13kb oneway: High compression ratio. Free and available in many hardware and software platforms. Same encoding is used in GSM cellphones (improved versions are often used nowadays).

We like to be on the safe side and calculate a certain overhead.
So for a general sip calls we advise to calculate around 80 tot 100kbit bandwith for a two way route.

If you want to calculate it on specific levels then please use this website: